Rigid Box

What is Rigid Box?

Rigid boxes is one of the most luxury category of packaging boxes.

Every luxury brands use Rigid packaging for all their expensive as well as outclass products. Rigid box packing is well known because of its durability, reliability, strength, and rigid structure.

Such type of outclass look gives its viewer force to be focus at custom rigid boxes and wrapping paper applied to the outside of the hard chipboard this hard structure gives a proper design and look to it. All rigid interior boxes are having paper lining that is called linen stock that gives it uniform appearance.

In order to have a best packaging exposure, we suggest you to be always print on the high quality stock before process it. Such type of strategies give you accurate idea about the dimensions for your required box, and it will enhance user experience. Moreover, it become easy to understand for you whether the box meets your structural requirement or it goes against it.

What Rigid box packaging offer?

Custom rigid boxes allow its users or consumers to create personalized packaging of all kind.

Either from closure to insert parts to internal support as well as to assemble option, it allow you for any type of customization from any side and on any panel.

Custom Printed Rigid boxes have many benefits as a packaging solution for your product to be place inside the box, hence, every brand gives priority to use such type of high quality custom packaging boxes. However, they are a luxury that few can afford.

All type of custom rigid boxes gives protection and make secure your product inside the box. Ship your product where ever you want in all rigid boxes and your product will stays safe within these boxes.  Moreover, all your customers will experience the most luxurious and sensational as well as heart touching experience.

Be remember: All luxury rigid boxes are derivatives of pre-cut boxes.

Typical usage of rigid boxes

  1. Rigid Gift boxes
  2. Rigid Storage boxes
  3. Rigid Transport boxes adapted to the content
  4. Rigid Product presentation boxes
  5. Rigid Candy boxes
  6. Rigid Chocolate Boxes

Rigid boxes manufacturer.

One of the most important benefit of Luxury rigid boxes is that they are easily customizable either you want plain box or printed box and you can get custom window boxes. Just share your thoughts and requirements with our highly trained graphics design team, whatever you want on the box to be printed. Every Luxury rigid boxes is adjustable and customizable in any kind of shape by any printing industry. Below are some key features and benefits of Luxury rigid boxes:

  • Any Color printingshell is doable
  • Hot stamping, Embossing, Foiling, other.
  • Printing is doable on any phase of the boxes (customization on all possible faces)
  • Method of delivery and assembly of rigid boxes is fully assembled or partially but easy to assemble.
  • Available in every shapes and styles you want, just share any reference picture with us.
  • Customizable top-class finishing on the box like Matte finish, gloss finish or semi-gloss finishing.
  • It can be decorated to make more attractive with accessories like ribbons on it to enclose like gift.

 These are some eye-catching solutions to present high-quality product and in order to give a neat and decent appearance to any packing.

Many Brands use our high quality and Luxury rigid boxes to display as well as pack perfumes, jewelry, clothing, watches, chocolates, gifts and other luxury products.

Box delivered assembled

Many benefits of getting assembled boxes, first one is, it saves time and second one is less effort. You just have to open the box and place your product in the box. However, if you get assembled boxes, you must have to arrange extra space to store these assembled boxes and if you go with pre-assembled boxes, it save your extra space and also save much cost. Below are some common types of rigid packaging:

  • Rigid Foldable boxes
  • Rigid Magnetic boxes
  • Rigid Drawer boxes
  • Rigid Boxes with lid
  • Rigid The pop-up boxes
  • Rigid Boxes delivered flat

Hence, it is better for you to order flat boxes and save much more space in your store as like assembled gift boxes are normally little bulky to store in the room. It is very easy to assemble flat boxes as well in a matter of minutes and they are also easy to store in the room as compared to assembled rigid boxes.

Styles of Rigid boxes

Rigid box packaging have many different styles and shapes with any type of customization on it. We do have different style option, now choice is yours for which one you want to go with. You can also share any reference picture of rough sketch for any kind of customization on cardboard boxes.

Below mentioned are some most common and more significant styles in rigid packaging solutions for your product.

Rigid box with magnetic closing lid

Why e-commerce packaging is much more important?

Let’s talk about rigid box with a magnetic closing lid. An eye-catching design with attractive finished rigid box packaging gives the out class customer experience.

Every brand luxury rigid box with a magnetic closing lid is a must have packaging solution for their top-rated products.

We can do matte or glossy finish, your company logo embossed or hot stamp at the front and at top, make more classic with colors you pick on the box for printing.

Foldable magnetic rigid boxes

Foldable magnetic rigid boxes are going more and more popular at this era. These are little inexpensive as compared to a rigid box with a magnetic closure lid on it. Many trading company that deal international market, they can save a lot by switching to foldable magnetic boxes.

We expert in two popular styles and both can accommodate all kinds of personalization and for custom packaging boxes.

Foldable rigid boxes: it is easy to stock foldable rigid boxes and easy to assemble too. It also save much time to get it ready for the customers on the spot.

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